Reflecting on Successes of 2014

business_figure_holding_checkered_flag_800_11348It's always hard to talk about the work we do because of confidentiality and discretion.

Some highlights from this year for me are a very young child not only talking better but starting main stream school despite years of challenges, 9 out of 10 in spelling tests after only a few weeks work, from illiterate to teaching your little brother to read in weeks, from failing to an A in State Exams, learning to read after years of having been in a Special Needs School with no results, staying in school despite all the challenges, now averaging a 2.1 after failing at University level, changing schools with new hope after completing the State Exams - Just a few of the many stories that I feel the Team should be so proud of!

Dr. Naoisé





Welcome to the Purple Learning Project.

One step closer to fulfilling a personal dream of mine - "to make school a happier, creative, more successful and enjoyable place for all Students, regardless of their differences"... Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly.

International Educational Programmes from The Homework Club & Confidence Club to help expand my inclusive Education Methods such as Purple Profiling, Purple Processing Scales & Purple Success that I have devised over the last 7 years through experiences with thousands of People from all backgrounds.

These methods now applied to the Business and Sport worlds with record results in the fastest timescales known.

Leading Personality Theory Research leading to the Psychology of Success™.





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