Is Homework pointless? The debate has begun across the national media this morning

A clip from a radio interview on the Shaun Doherty Show this afternoon


Extract from the ASPIRE workshop November 14th


The Purple Learning Project is far beyond the homework workbook explains Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly

Watch this short clip from the recent Aspire workshop on supporting students at home with Aspergers and Autism.

Embracing the Purple Learning Project as a way of working


Award Winning Academic Doctor Calls For Investigation Into Excessive Homework Levels In Irish Primary & Second Level Schools

Irish Press Coverage:


November 2011.


Award Winning Academic Doctor Calls For Investigation Into Excessive Homework Levels In Irish Primary & Second Level Schools


‘’The Irish education system is stuck in a vortex & homework is actually creating bad habits for life in our Nation’s children,’’ according to Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly, a Dublin based International Educational Facilitator.


Dr. O’Reilly believes that there’s an endless cycle of parents out there who just expect their children to be given homework & this in turn leads to teachers prescribing massive amounts of homework - like a useless drug.  She added that, ‘perhaps parents should start asking the question... how does doing homework help you get on in life?’


‘’There are far more creative & effective ways for young people to retain important facts & information & extensive research in this field at home & abroad has led me to discover that homework is a pointless exercise that is eroding Irish family life with family time & even weekends being eaten into as a result.  In the workplace it’s not advisable to bring your work home... so why are our children being taught to bring work home for the duration of their school years?’’ said Dr. O’Reilly.


Existing Junior & Leaving Cert study plan material lacks any resemblance of a cohesive structure & I’m afraid it’s a case of every teacher for themselves.  The question must be asked... why are exam students being made to do homework on top of exam study?


People with learning difficulties eg. Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Visual & Hearing Impairments generally work 3 times harder than fellow students.  So from about 6 or 7 their parents are under huge strain to support them through the educational process.  There are examples of parents actually doing their homework for them just so they won’t get into trouble in the system.


Welcome to the Purple Learning Project.

One step closer to fulfilling a personal dream of mine - "to make school a happier, creative, more successful and enjoyable place for all Students, regardless of their differences"... Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly.

International Educational Programmes from The Homework Club & Confidence Club to help expand my inclusive Education Methods such as Purple Profiling, Purple Processing Scales & Purple Success that I have devised over the last 7 years through experiences with thousands of People from all backgrounds.

These methods now applied to the Business and Sport worlds with record results in the fastest timescales known.

Leading Personality Theory Research leading to the Psychology of Success™.





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