Student Feedback


“Hi Naoisé,

Please find a few lines below. I just had a meeting with my daughter’s teacher and school special needs co-ordinator. They are astounded at her progress and her confidence and restedness inside.

Thank you so much, Much love, Her mother.

Six months ago I was a very distressed mother having just discovered that my 10 year daughter was virtually illiterate. She attends a Steiner school and because they progress more slowly in main subjects such as english and maths and focus a lot on creative work such as music and art, her dyslexia went unnoticed. When it began to dawn on me I was shocked because she is so bright and I didn’t really know which way to turn. The New Zealand system of support for Dyslexia was very complicated and she would have to under go days of intense examinations. And then I did know which way to turn – thankfully I knew Dr. Naoisé O Reilly, who had helped our business make a huge shift the year before. I contacted Naoisé and her support has changed our lives. Naoisé spent an hour with my daughter over Skype and I knew instantly that she understood her and her unique way of learning that did not fit into mainstream learning. This was the biggest relief. And our journey began. It all seemed quite simple what Naoisé sent to us to focus on. Simple word games, exercises, fun things, writing projects. Just a little most evenings. And then after six months – whoosh all the pieces of the puzzle game together. The building blocks Naoisé had been providing connected and my daughter took an enormous leap forward in her reading and spelling. It is a continual journey where there is no longer concern but the knowing that it is a unique journey for her, and she is being supported by an amazing individual, Naoisé, who not only understands and can see through her eyes, but can provide the tools to navigate the way to a full and rich life of learning and discovery for her. I am so so so grateful. Thank you Naoisé.”

Confidentiality is very important to us and so all names, schools and personal identities have been changed to protect them.

Quotes for Confidence Club 


“My Daughter is already a much happier person”    Mother about session


“Responsibility given to Him for his own work”    Mother about session for her son


“I don’t know about you, but that has sorted my head out”    Mother to Daughter at end of session


“He has never written that much before”     Father about his Son


“Why don’t schools make it so easy?”   Question asked by parent at the end of the session


“Student Centered approach”    Mother’s impression of the session


“I have never seen her write a page so effortlessly in her life”      Mother about her Daughter 


“He has never been that focused on a task before”    Mother about her Son





“Everybody likes Me here.”

“I feel like I have Friends for the first time.”

“I’ve picked up a book and decided to read it for Myself.”

“OMG – It’s COOL to be Dyslexic.”

“They said I was stupid at School – She showed Me how clever I am.”

“Now I know how to get all the information in My head onto the page for the exams.”

“It’s O.K. to make mistakes.”

“I never thought I’d go to never mind finish College.”

“You sorted My head out.”

“I walked away feeling lighter.”

“She’s the one Person who understands Me.  She gets Me.”

“I don’t have to hide here.”

“Now I understand who I am.”

“She sees into My Soul.”  (Dr. Naoisé hears this a lot!)

“Safe and outside the box.”

“I can’t explain what She does – but it works.”