Why The Homework Club is not a “grind” school

So one of the common misconceptions about The Homework Club is that it is just another "grind" school. When I look up the term "grind" in the dictionary it is a word used to describe plodding monotonous routine drudgery associated with swats and nerds. It can also be seen as something that literally grinds and swashes you down.

I have to ask why you would use such a term to describe situation that is suppose to offer help and support to students? Last term I asked the students here to give me key words to describe their experiences at The Homework Club. The words I got back were: helpful, supportive, fun, relaxed, enjoyable, super, colourful, creative and feel more confident.

I was delighted to hear theses words as they are the ones I would aspire to have associated with the project. I think the only thing that "grinds" in The Homework Club are my teeth every time I hear the phrase!




Welcome to the Purple Learning Project.

The aim of the Purple Learning Project Foundation is to create a legacy of the methods which Dr Naoisé O’Reilly has developed since 2009.

The methods in learning and personality theory have been developed while working with people of a variety of ages, backgrounds, and cultures. The methods have been applied to the education, business and sporting environments. The ages are in the spectrum of 4 to 70's. The methods include: Purple Profiling, Purple Processing Scales, The Periodic Table of the Development of Results, Forget Phonics Reading Method, Purple Pre-School Success and so on...

There has always been a clear distinction for Dr Naosié in working with people who currently need help within the system and leaving behind something of integrity for the future generations.