Books and a dyslexic reader

One of the ways I found years ago to cope with the frustration of taking too long to read a book was to read several of them at the same time! This means I can jump about and not get bored - so at the moment I'm reading 5! - last count and all of them are whirling my brain in different ways...

Imagine, French Children don't throw food, My life with Chimpanzees, Quiet- The power of introverts, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Just don't ask me to read any of them out loud because I still can't read the words just the meaning!  🙂

Dr. Naoisé



Review for The Purple View

"The Purple Learning eBook, brainchild of Naoise O'Reilly is such an easy read and so wish this kind of wisdom had been around when I was in primary education, (I reckon I could have been a brain surgeon by now). Naoise takes the holistic view and uses lego-block method of building a learning method individually designed for students. She see's Tutor's as facilitators in adapting their teaching methods to totally suit the student. It breaks down the teacher/student barrier and allows for two way communication, sounds simple but really very effective in promoting confidence and therefore promotes learning.

Naoise has a unique way of identifying each students individual learning style and once identified, can then be used as foundation building block, which in turn allows the student to grow and achieve their full potential.

As with most ground-breaking books the seed of an idea can lead on to great things, Naoise has developed the 'miracle grow' ingredient of learning, she does her magic and allows the student to find their wings and FLY... "June Shannon April 2012


I'm so deeply chuffed by June's words and I would have loved her to be a brain surgeon! Thank you so much for taking the time to review the book. I love the idea of being a 'miracle grow' - in fact I'd love all students to grow into the best possible version of themselves! Dr Naoisé O'Reilly 🙂


The Purple View eBook

 The Purple learning method ebook is now available for Download!

Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly’s latest publication ‘The Purple View’ has emerged from her 3 years of research which has now successfully proven that ‘it’s not a way of seeing or thinking - it’s a way of doing that gets results for everyone.’  Her Purple Learning Project allows everyone to be a successful learner while taking their own attributes of potential, personality and their aptitudes to do this.  It gives all students confidence and control over their learning environment and ultimately it gives everyone a way to express themselves which is what Dr. O’Reilly believes is the key point of education.

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Why are teenagers texting instead of talking?

Even at The Homework Club which is a really engaging educational space I see students taking out their phones as a comfort tool as they wait for their classes. I have had the discussion on texting and teenagers with many parents over the last three years. It seems that students have forgotten how to talk to each other and prefer to hide behind texting instead. But I don't find this surprising at all. After all from the age of 5 when they start school they are continually asked to be quiet. I think they have retreated into their own private world where they can continue to "talk".

Another great example of teenagers taking over technology for their own gain and status is the use of the "Mosquito" sound as ringer tones that was originally designed to stop them hanging around areas. As the teenagers could only hear the sound this made it a perfect channel to use to communicate which each other.

What we learn here is as we focus teenagers into a constricted environment with our rules they will always have the initiative to find ways to use devices for their own benefit. The problem I see is that they have gotten so reliant on texting rather than talking - they are almost afraid to lose the technology barrier from the world. That combined with the fact that we don't ask for their opinions very often - well it is hard to suddenly expect them to want to engage and talk freely!

link to article on the mosquito

A wonderful aside to this situation is that we have in the past used "text speech" to help students with expression difficulties to write. As many of these students which are what are often seen as having severe learning and communication difficulties have by themselves "learnt" text speech as this is the perfect medium to get them started on writing - all we need them to do is expand the letters! Text speech is so often shunned in education but can be such a great starting point!

Dr. Naoisé O'Reilly




Welcome to the Purple Learning Project.

The aim of the Purple Learning Project Foundation is to create a legacy of the methods which Dr Naoisé O’Reilly has developed since 2009.

The methods in learning and personality theory have been developed while working with people of a variety of ages, backgrounds, and cultures. The methods have been applied to the education, business and sporting environments. The ages are in the spectrum of 4 to 70's. The methods include: Purple Profiling, Purple Processing Scales, The Periodic Table of the Development of Results, Forget Phonics Reading Method, Purple Pre-School Success and so on...

There has always been a clear distinction for Dr Naosié in working with people who currently need help within the system and leaving behind something of integrity for the future generations.