3 Year Irish Education Study Identifies Links Between Gifted Teenage Schoolchildren Battling Depression & The Mocks

3 Year Irish Education Study Identifies Links Between Gifted Teenage Schoolchildren Battling Depression & The Mocks

(Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland, Monday January 23rd 2012).

The results of a 3 year Study by Irish Educationalist, Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly, reveal a number of links between the rate of depression & gifted teenagers whose talents may or may not have already been spotted in schools around the Country.

Dr. O’Reilly, Founder of The Homework Club, confirms that teenagers are falling through the cracks in the education system as their talents aren’t recognised & this makes them prone to depression.  In her experience, certain teenagers, depending on their personality types, can also fare worse.

On The Mocks front, she states, by 2nd year in school it’s already been decided whether students are good or bad at Maths for Life.  ‘What are schools setting people up for?’  The Irish Mocks exam structure requires major & urgent reform as the current model is destroying young lives.  Afterall, you can do nothing in life with foundation maths.

There are also disgraceful situations where gifted teenagers who slip up on small stuff in class are branded as ‘slow’ by teachers.

Dr. O’Reilly can discuss with Your Audience the 8 main factors that effect exam performance:

Subject Knowledge

Your Exam History

Exam Preparation

Exam Practice

Experience of the Subject

Writing Skills

Use of Time

Attitude and Approach

The ridiculousness of The Mocks situation is that students are expected to get 100% at this time of the year when they haven’t even completed the syllabus.

Students are also being dropped down into ordinary level exam papers… regardless of the entry requirements of the courses they wish to apply for.  But I know from experience that The Mock results don’t have to set what you get in June.

Background:  Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly graduated from Galway University in 2000 with a First Class Honors Degree in Marine Science.  Despite severe dyslexia she then went on to obtain a PhD in Physical Oceanography from the National Oceanography centre at Southampton University, UK.  Lectured as part of the European Space Agency Summer School at Esrin, Frascatti, Italy.  This was a course run for postdoctoral researchers on interpreting and using satellite images in Earth science research.  Oxford / Ral School in Quantitative Earth Observations (Spring 2002).  Cambridge Geophysical and Environmental Fluid Dynamics (Sept. 2002).  Worked with David Kirugara of the Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research institute to write a post-graduate level workshop ‘Application of Satellite Altimetry to Oceanography,’ a training course for the Western Indian Ocean Region. This course was run in Africa for postdoctoral Students in Sept. 2004.  European Geosciences Union general assembly talk, Nice, France (April 2004).  ARGO Science workshop, Venice, Italy (April 2006).  Dr. O’Reilly worked on the physical data (in-situ CTD) on a research cruise on board the Discovery vessel in the North Atlantic.  Since returning to Ireland she has taught leaving Cert maths & degree level Physics & Chemistry.  Personal tutoring in both Ireland & the UK, lecturing to postgraduate level at NOC, postgraduate education management, academic project management & course development at Griffith College Dublin.

3 Year Irish Education Study Identifies Links Between Gifted Teenage Schoolchildren Battling Depression & The Mocks

Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly, an experienced Media Interviewee, is available for Interview by calling 085-1129660 or reply to this e-mail.