Blueprint to Change the World

“Why couldn’t I just be stuck in one Department in a University writing papers and be able to spell?!”

Not quite exactly what I had expected to hear from the mouth of Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly while preparing for this article. I certainly got more than I bargained for. I did seriously ask myself how I was ever going to construct a written piece on someone who has so many sides to them and so many varied areas of expertise?

The same can be said for her work developing Methods in Psychology Research and Personality Theory. Dr. O’Reilly’s research crosses over into every main genre of Psychology: Philosophical Origins, Behaviourism, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Differential Psychology.

She digests a person’s entire generational timescale, including generational traumas within families, in sixty minutes and creates life changing strategies in four hours. “We don’t have the luxury of changing the environment so, for this reason, what we do with the Methods is Psychology on speed,” according to Dr. O’Reilly.

Earlier today, I met with a Ph.D. Candidate from a two hundred and twenty year old University and was interviewed for several hours on tape for their Doctoral Dissertation. He was a brilliant interviewer but by the end he was in overwhelm and immediately wanted to book another interview to give him time to process the scope and scale of our work. There was overwhelm with one of us – can you imaging if Dr. O’Reilly had also accompanied me?

After reading her biography online I can see why overwhelm may be the case. So, how did a child with Profound Dyslexia reach the heights of academic accomplishment? Especially, after being thrashed verbally and in writing by three Psychologists and three separate Psychological Assessments aged four, eight and seventeen. How can a seven year old child bounce back when your teacher tells your whole class that, “you should be in the school down the road for the retarded?”

This Psychology Researcher tells me she is, “particularly concentrating at present on further developing Psychological Blueprints, Developmental Scales and Conscious and Unconscious Research to help even more people to be successful regardless of stigmas and labels. Our students and business clients learn anything and achieve anything. The Methods reveal the essence of who someone is.”

So, are these the blueprints that can change the World?

Dr. O’Reilly is also one of the World’s leading Educationalists specializing in Learning Difficulties and Spectrum Disorders. She’s on a mission, “to take literacy and intelligence out of the same sentence. People are surprised that I don’t focus on changing the system for Severe Dyslexics like myself. The truth is, I don’t need to. We get academic and business results for children, teenagers and adults regardless of the obstacles. I believe this is why I attract families, employees, C.E.O.‘s and employers with Learning Difficulties from all over the Globe.”

“I’d like to see somebody spend a day in my brain. There’s too much going on – they’d go mad,” she concluded.

(Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly interviewed by Marie O’Riordan)