Early this year I started a Patreon site which allows my writing to be shared and through this support I offer a place each month (more with more Patreon support) for a fee-free client. I’ve been delighted so far with the opportunities it has offered me to support others. Some of the testimonials so far… Continue reading Patreon


Are you ready for the ‘New Normal’? Exams have been cancelled but this doesn’t mean the future has … In fact, for me, it’s never looked so bright! All the rules, expectations and ways of needing to work have gone out the window! In response to supporting families across the globe – All our Homeschooling… Continue reading Untitled

Testimonial for Dr Naoisé O’Reilly

“I believe that people meet each other for the reason, even being on different continents. On that very moment when we got acquainted with Dr. O’Reilly I had that feeling – I am on the right way. I have tried different ways of bringing up my child by the moment I met Dr.O’Reilly but nobody… Continue reading Testimonial for Dr Naoisé O’Reilly

State exam students support

On my homeschooling site, I have created an open page to help support the state exam students at this time More then ever there seems to be a greater divide between those students with resources and those without. I don’t assume either that you have endless internet or printing resources as many don’t right now!… Continue reading State exam students support

Self Isolation Education Service

I’ve joked all week that I’m watching the world catch up with us! For the last 7 years, my speciality has been working with teens who self isolate in their bedrooms – now everyone else is doing the same… Now that I’ve worked through our own current students this week and made sure they have… Continue reading Self Isolation Education Service

Testimonial for Naoisé O’Reilly

Naoisé was lovely to work with and helped my daughter understand more about her learning and the way she thinks. It was very helpful to talk through subjects and choices and feel confident about our decisions. Naoisé helped my daughter’s focus and have direction with regard to school subjects and activities. She also helped us… Continue reading Testimonial for Naoisé O’Reilly