Confidence Club Workshop August 2012 – Primary to Secondary School Transition

Throughout work at The Homework Club for over 3 years we have become Experts in the challenges faced by students making a smooth transition from Primary school to Secondary. We have run a Workshop previously that has included much of the personality therory and learning style methods to enable students to be able to develop into the best learners so they can achieve their true educational potential starting Secondary school.

As the academic year progresses we will be running a variety of Workshops to suit the needs of students from 5 years of age right through to third level education at the times we know they need our support and unique skills to get the best from their potential.

The focus of the Confidence Club is now much broader and we wish students to learn a whole variety of new skills including networking, social, self branding, online profiling and media skills to allow them to start to develop their own careers at a much earlier age – we feel many people don’t learn the skills they need for real life within the school system, while others feel they “fail” school and struggle to find their path in life. We would argue that school fails these students and that we need to teach people a much more modern skill set for modern success in todays world.

As with all our courses the places will be strictly limited to 10 and there will be an inital interview process to allow us to personalise each Workshop for the students attending. Everything we do is set up to work at 100+%. We achieve this by having a one to one interview and evaluation with the learner so they feel part of the process from the beginning. We set the goals and learning style for each particpant. Awareness of yourself is a key element of our success.

If you wish to enrol in our Workshop for this August – it will take place the weekend before the state schools recommence – allowing the students to put their new found skills into immediate practice and experience the results.

Please complete the appointment form for inclusion.