Dyslexic Book Club Part 2 – Christmas Reading

It might seem strange for a profound dyselxic but I’m known for giving books as presents for both Birthdays and Christmas, (and just random times people need cheering up!) Many friends over the years have got my idol Dr Seuss in the post when I have felt they needed some extra karma.

So I thought this a good time of the year to compile a few more books that I have been drawn to this year…

First up the most magical book  I have read this year!

The Night Circus – a great story, I can’t tell you any of the names of the characters but us dyslexics know that doesn’t matter! Translated from German I found it an easy read – took me a while to read the whole book but the story was so involving I didn’t even need to pick up another book in the meantime to keep my attention as I often do (I generally read anything up to 5 books at once to get myself over the fact that I can be on one book for months!)

Up next is a book from another amazing woman who has got more dyselxic children reading than anyone else on the planet! The Casual Vacany by J.K Rowling. Her first adult book and I think an amazing read for teenagers as it has so many difficult issues dealt with in a truely story telling way that we have come to expect from this amazing author. You have true senstivity to the characters no mather what their situation, background or plight. The shear size of this book may put many dyselxics off but I infact read it surprisingly quickly!

Last up I’m going to include a dyslexic writer that has kept people reading books for generations. She is the one author I can always read even when I’m sick and finding everything else in the world impossible. There is a logic to her writing that suits our brains! Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot is always great but this Christmas story is particularly good. The first time I read it I was struggling to figure out who done it!

In case people didn’t see my post a few weeks ago I also recommended the Fannie Flagg book a Red Bird Christmas.

Hard to find now in time for Christmas unless you are lucky enough to be living in America – but for everyone else keep in mind for next year! I read it every November as it reminds me of the first year I bought it living away from home waiting to go back for Christmas!

Happy Christmas

Dr Naoisé Expression Developist