Our new adventures, services and student support from September 2012

Firstly sorry for the delay in getting in touch with all our existing students. I took a large amount of time off this summer to recharge and to get married. 
We have now fully updated our website! There are two programs I can offer in order to help students through this year. Firstly we will have a 4 hour workshop in February at the most difficult time of the year to help support students in the run up to the state exams in June.
Exam Preparation Skills & Mock Evaluations Workshop
February 2013 Junior and Leaving Cert.
You will find the full details at the this link: http://homeworkclub.ie/subjects/
We also have a program aimed at younger students 
Expression Club™  November 2012 Ages 7-11 Years
Between these Workshops I am now offering a much more personal service where I meet students on an individual basis with a parent or guardian and help them to focus and direct themselves through the year, this is called Confidence Club and it is the initial meeting talked about in the above links. We have managed to take a large amount of our work, methods  and experience over the last 4 years to have a very effective one hour session with students on an individual basis. 
As we meet more students we will also organise more workshops to suit the needs of the students that arise. 
This all allows us to have a much more direct approach with the students and also allows me the time to take our work far beyond Blanchardstown and just having one school. I never wanted to just have what people perceived as a grind school, it was always about proving our methods and taking them back into the education system. So this period is all about supporting our students in the interim before we reinvent the wheel!
Thanks as always for your support!
Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly and the whole Team.