Periodic Table Of The Development of Results

United States Press Coverage:
Washington D.C.,

Thursday April 11th 2013.


Secrets To Success Formula Revealed By Purple Learning Project® Scientist’s Invention Of Periodic Table Of The Development of Results® with The Forever Method®


A world first and major breakthrough in the understanding, attainment and psychology surrounding success has been unveiled today by the people behind the Purple Learning Project® and The Forever Method®.


Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly Ph.D. and Marie O’Riordan have repeatedly made news headlines internationally for achieving record breaking results both together and individually through their work which spans over 48 years combined.


The Periodic Table of the Development of Results® or Purple Success® is a system for achieving milestones with men and women from any background or age. This equally has been proven to work for everyone from school children to high level corporate business people regardless of the type of person they are or the type of business or education environment they work in.


Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly says, “the great thing about Purple Success® is that it allows you to approach people in different ways as different people achieve success in different time frames too. Our formula really answers the questions as to why some students or clients appear to achieve success in what we call sonic style while other people have different needs and we view them as Darwins.”


“It’s like science, psychology, personal development and business gurus are all meeting in the same space to create a system for success for everybody,” according to Marie O’Riordan. She added that, “there are of course always universal themes that we recognize immediately for people regardless of their stage in life or the environment they currently find themselves in. I love the breath, scope and freedom our research on the ground, in real life and in real time provides.”


The table is a system which allows Dr. Naoisé and Marie to achieve the same results for everyone while allowing them to completely personalize what they implement. Proof arrived in the form of working with and analyzing hundreds of people across educational projects and five continents in the high pressure business world in the height of the recession.


Clients achieved extraordinary results such as earning $1,335,220.28 million dollars in 17 days after working with Dr. Naoisé and Marie verified by a T.V. Investigative Journalist. Recently, a new start-up business earned $147,362 in less that 7 days after working with these two women verified by Independent Financial Auditors. This was equivalent to over one year of business in just one week.


Dr. O’Reilly is often described as the last resort especially for many students who appear to be struggling who have Asperger’s Syndrome or Dyslexia that she has taken from failing subjects to getting straight A’s and being accepted into College. She currently works with babies aged 18 months to adults up to 72 years of age.


By creating a proper environment people can attain their skills and develop in a way that best suits them through this new table and take people from failure to success in the shortest timeframe possible. Both Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly and Marie O’Riordan are multiple award winners in the areas of business, film, company ability status and third world philanthropy.