Personalized Business for Success

downloadWhy people run away from personalization in business when that’s what they need for success. Why are people conditioned to think one size fits all?

One of the most amazing aspects of engaging with massive Multinationals and household name Companies in the last few years is there fear of personalizing business. They are always looking for a generic system. A system that can just be pumped in regardless of people. It doesn’t seem to matter if the people are their clients, their customers or their employees. They must all be able to go into a box.

I won’t lie this has been a massive stumbling block for two women who are very personal in nature and are always seeking the depth. We have a natural affinity to put ourselves in other peoples shoes and see the world from their perspective. Hence, we will always tailor every communication, negotiation, deal, brand, theme and system to match the people we are dealing with. This is completely alien to large Companies. Why can’t you just have something automated and impersonal for me to engage with? Because it doesn’t get results. That’s it – plain and simple. If you want our kind of successful results you are going to need to create a tailored system. The funny part is that this is not more work. Because once you realize what the system is and how to tweak it to match your specific needs you will close the deal, sell the product and be on an upward trajectory all round in record time. You will not waste 6 months trying to get someone over the line. You will not employ a person for years and not get the best out of them. They won’t leave you as soon as you have spent years training them. You won’t waste tens of millions of dollars on branding that doesn’t work. The list is endless. We never even write any response to someone without first profiling them!

For me, I always go back to why do these patterns of thinking exist? In a nutshell – school. It’s the ultimate one size fits all model in the World. From very young ages we start in a system where we are expected to fit in with everyone else’s ideas and ways of working. Although everyone agrees this doesn’t work it used to take generations to change. Not any more. A little like the business models, it also seems an excessive amount of work to make changes. When I know in fact it is a few very small tweaks and an openness to see people for people that make such huge differences.

Who will become personalized first business or education? We have personalized both with massive successes in both. Some success is purely measured by money so maybe these will be the ones to change more rapidly even though a person’s overall feeling of success matters so much more.

Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly.