Soccer Stats: Why Everything is Possible in The Premier League, La Liga & MLS

wldDid you know that Teams in The Premier League in the United Kingdom, Spain’s La Liga and America’s Major League Soccer M.L.S. all had the same number of Wins and Losses last season?

The chart, compiled by Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly, shows just how close the statistics really are and why everything is possible in high level Football.

Teams obsessed with their small sphere forget the overall statistics and what is really happening as a whole in the game. They miss the bigger picture by concentrating on Players’ legs. Games are not won by focusing solely on feet and legs!

Look at the chart and see how it takes very little to tip the balance – in either direction – win or lose.

Four games into the M.L.S. this season and the statistics are almost equal. Tie/draw is what is going to make or break Teams this year.

Across the Atlantic in the U.K., when Teams are concerned about being relegated or being bottom of the table, they only look as far as the next match and the next team. But when you look at the overall picture from last season – it is almost equal across the board in all of the Leagues – regardless of Country and Continent.


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Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly: Expression Developist™, Personality Theory Researcher, Educationalist, Mentor, Physical Oceanographer, Observational Scientist & Big Data Research Scientist.

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