The Homework Club’s journey into Confidence Club

As We re-locate to Dublin City Centre this August it seems a good time to reflect on All that We have created and achieved here at The Homework Club in just over 3 years. 

Our main purpose for re-locating is to have access to many more Students and to focus on what We really love and have developed from Our experience over 3 and a half years. 

I have attached some short video clips that sum up some of what We have achieved and  some of the outstanding feedback We had from the Students We have worked with. As there are 500+ Student feedback comments it’s not possible to include them all.  But I wished to attempt to give You a sense of what We have developed in this short amount of time.

In setting up The Homework Club I always wished to create an environment where We all continued to learn.  The hugely committed Tutors and Students needing support.  I would like to think that Everybody has expanded Their horizons by being part of this experience – including Me.

In just 3 and a half years We have not only helped and supported these Students in Their lives and education – We have taken Our experiences to create 2 more projects to take all of Our dreams in. The Purple Learning Project, and Confidence Club, 

In setting up The Homework Club there have been 2 main differences in Our approach to education.  Firstly, the way We have gone about making education accessible to all of Our Learners.  We have achieved this by using Our own unique learning method – now known as The Purple Learning Project. This is now the outreach element that is allowing us to take Our methods back into all education environments through Our own Workshop experiences.

Secondly, We have always had different objectives and perceptions of what success is for Students.  We have always felt that not only are students always good at something but They should be able to use these talents to be good at everything.  The Confidence Club is about allowing us to step away from the traditional expectations of success in education and allowing all Our students to fulfil Their dreams – no mater how crazy they may seen now.


Our first Confidence Club Workshop takes place this August.


Confidence Club Workshop August 2012 – Primary to Secondary School Transition.


Throughout work at The Homework Club for over 3 years We have become Experts in the challenges faced by Students making a smooth transition from Primary school to Secondary. We have run a Workshop previously that has included much of the personality theory and learning style methods to enable Students to be able to develop into the best learners so They can achieve Their true educational potential starting Secondary school.


As with all Our courses the places will be strictly limited to 10 and there will be an initial interview process to allow us to personalise each Workshop for the Students attending. Everything We do is set up to work at 100+%. We achieve this by having a one to one interview & evaluation with the Learner so They feel part of the process from the beginning. We set the goals and learning style for each participant. Awareness of Yourself is a key element of Our success.


To enrol in Our Workshop for this August – it will take place the weekend before the State schools re-commence – allowing the Students to put Their new found skills into immediate practice & experience the results immediately.


Please complete the appointment form for inclusion.


I’d like to thank Everybody for Their support of Our work and trust that You will join us on the next exciting step of discovery, education and absolute love of learning.


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Dr. Naoisé O’Reilly

Educational Developist