Theatre Review for “Tell” a show about Oralism and teaching deaf children in Ireland

A very late night blog post but I need to get this up quickly so you don’t miss your chance to see this great show! If you have always wanted to understand the politics behind why some deaf people sign and others don’t, and to understand why Irish and French people can communicate better than they can with their other neighbours .. or what it is like to be overloaded and overwhelmed as to how you process and take in information – THIS is the show for you! Go see as part of the latest THEATREclub festival…


The real irony for me too was that outside the theatre is a collection of tables for you to write you comments and ideas.. we began using this method of writing onto the tables dirrectly at The Homework Club almost 3 years ago because we had a number of profoundly deaf students at the time and they were finding it hard to follow maths in particular! By writing onto the tables we reduced the distance to the material, no one needed to turn their back to write on the board and you were able to instantly write your questions and keep the group dynamic going regardless of your hearing needs! There was no space for “lost in translation.”

This show for me shows the idea of what it is like to not be able to read and what it feels like for me on a daily basis faced with written material to decipher. In fact at times in the show with the noise levels, video, pictures and movement I was hard pushed not to be really overwhelmed! This is what it feels like in the written world for me, especially in school and university! The classic trick to show this is that you turn a radio to white noise and continue talking – this show demonstrates this idea to a intense scale beyond anything I have ever experienced!


Enjoy the show 🙂 Dr Naoisé Expression Developist

“Tell” is brought to you by Gemma and Stephen in collaboration with Dylan Coburn Gray