What is the Purple Learning Project?


“To promote our research and successful learning methods for all students and to make school a happier, creative, more successful and enjoyable place for all students, regardless of their differences”

An outreach programme from The Homework Club

The Homework Club was founded in February 2009 with the sole purpose of developing a new inclusive learning environment for all students.

A very small percentage of students go through school without any difficulties. We currently have students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Asperger, Hearing impairments, Expression disorders, ADD and ADHD. There are many other conditions that may affect students such as family difficulties, various medical conditions and confidence. As we only currently have one centre based in Blanchardstown, students travel great distances to attend the school, from the south side of Dublin to as far as Co. Meath and Co. Kildare. All of these combine to give us a very diverse student intake. In doing this we offer an education service to a sector of students that currently fall through the existing education system for a wide variety of reasons and who are not catered for by other second level tuition, grind or cram schools.

As a dyslexic myself it has been important to me from the being that everything we do is inclusive and that the teaching methods suit all learners. I didn’t want to create a “special” school where students felt limited. As the project has developed what this has meant in real terms is that we take students from the ages of six right thought to repeat leaving certificate with a holistic approach to education and tailor the teaching styles, content and classes to suit each individual student relying on their strengths. The students learn the coping skills for life with us and go on to succeed in whatever dreams they hold.

The Purple Learning Project now has the potential to take our successful learning methods outside of our development centre to education establishments and students everywhere. The time has come for us to fulfil our own dreams.

Please do contact us with any enquires or requests. We will be happy to set an appointment to meet.

The Homework Club:
Shortlisted NNI Regional AD of the year 2010
O2 Ability Status 2010
Best Small Business D15 Chamber 2010
Best New Startup Business D15 Chamber 2009

Purple Learning Project:
Short-listed Innovation in Business excellence award Fingal Chamber 2011

Services offered:
consultancy and workshop facilitation for all educationalists

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