Why our new Workshops will be 4 hour sessions that see amazing results?

Our new Workshops that will start this August will take into account that we find the magic number to change a students life is 4! Yes in only 4 hours we have seen huge changes in the 500+ students we have worked with over the last 3 and half years at The Homework Club.

In suddenly 4 hours we have had students that have never been able to express themselves finally writing – they have learnt structure they never understood or comprehension skills or suddenly become motivated to enjoy learning – they have discovered who they are – they have made friends for the first time – they suddenly feel someone finally “gets” them – they have had the confidence to join clubs outside school for the first time – they walk into a room and say hi – they stand straighter – they smile!

The Confidence Club Workshops will take place at weekends allowing students to travel from greater distances and achieve huge results in once intense workshop setting – our aims will be much broader as we have always know that exam results are a very small part of the picture in developing lives – the results always just come when everything else is right! Our aim is for every studnet to know who they are and to feel they can be that person…

Dr. Naoisé