At the time of writing The Homework Club Workbook in 2010, we had the input of over 30 Educators into The Homework Club. This number has now easily doubled across all our educational projects.

I always say that the Teachers are made up of a team of “bright young things.” They excel in their fields but often know the struggles involved in being successful. They get people. They relate to other people's challenges. They are all pioneers in their fields. They are all excellent communicators. They have readily adapted to the changes as our educational projects have changed. Many have received their Ph.D. Doctorates and Masters along the way. They have grown and developed with our students and gone on to bigger and more amazing roles in life while continuing to add something really special to our work.

One of the downsides to this is that I can’t hope to monopolize them forever. This means we have a constant natural new dynamic of energy and ideas infused into the team. However, once part of any of our educational team you never really leave. The doors are always open for a return and your ideas live on long after you. Many of the team have come and gone.

Our Alumni includes N.A.S.A., C.E.R.N., University of Cambridge, University of California Berkeley, Google, Intel, General Electric G.E., Accenture, Diageo Guinness, Special Olympics & Irish Government etc. Our Team has gone on to be hired by the Top 5 ranked biggest Management Consultancy Firms in the World.

They are amazing people that span a vast array of interests and fields. I love what they have brought to education in all their unique ways and I still have the simple requirement of needing to be able to drink coffee with any prospective team member. I only work with people who I can be friends with.


Dr. Naoisé.


Welcome to the Purple Learning Project.

The aim of the Purple Learning Project Foundation is to create a legacy of the methods which Dr Naoisé O’Reilly has developed since 2009.

The methods in learning and personality theory have been developed while working with people of a variety of ages, backgrounds, and cultures. The methods have been applied to the education, business and sporting environments. The ages are in the spectrum of 4 to 70's. The methods include: Purple Profiling, Purple Processing Scales, The Periodic Table of the Development of Results, Forget Phonics Reading Method, Purple Pre-School Success and so on...

There has always been a clear distinction for Dr Naosié in working with people who currently need help within the system and leaving behind something of integrity for the future generations.